Company Policies

Graphics Policies

We do not charge you an hourly rate and let you guess your final price and hope that it’s in your budget.  With that being said, there are a few conditions to our flat, low fees:

  1. We allow one round of minor edits for graphics.
  2. Any substantial edits will be charged at a percent of the original price.  If you had a specific vision, you had the opportunity to express that specific vision at the outset of the project.
  3. Any “nit-picking” edits that involve going through countless drafts of the same file will be charged at a flat fee for each change requested.  Please give us directions for all edits at one time in your complimentary round of minor edits.  If you don’t like the font on the fifth draft, you knew you didn’t like it after the first draft.  These types of edits add innumerable hours to client and vendor communications.
  4. Deadlines are based on having the work done, not on having every round of edits done.  If you changed instructions or requested edits mid-project, chances are that the deadline will have to be moved.

 Copywriting and Ghostwriting Policies

  1. Estimated per word rate is not an exact science.  Some press releases are only 250 words, others are 600 words.  The price does not change in either direction.
  2.  Pages are based on a 250-word book page; estimated rate per word does not reflect blank space between chapters, table of contents, etc.  Please note that the estimated per word rate is so low on projects that are over 100 pages because they involve a lot of white space.
  3.  I do not charge for hours spent researching nor do I charge for hours spent on the phone and sending e-mails obtaining the information for the press release, e-report, or book.  These prices are built into the final price.
  4. Discounts are based on bulk.  Bulk does not refer to how much work is sent, it refers to the length of the project.  There is a decreasing amount of time invested in research and client communications per word or page (ex. It may take an hour’s worth of client communication and research to write a 300 word press release, but only 1.25 hours in client communication and research to write a 1500 word e-report).
  5. Bulk for quantity of work sent is only available to publishing houses and other publicists who are outsourcing their work.

Media Release Policies

  1.  The standard media release does not include using us as the media contact.  For that price, you must communicate with the media on any follow-up.  For a concierge level of service, please speak to us directly.
  2. No, we can not just give you Ellen DeGeneres’s e-mail address.  It wouldn’t do you any good if we did, since you wouldn’t be whitelisted anyways.
  3. No, we can not give you the names, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses for our media contacts.  If you want someone to follow up with phone calls, you must purchase a different package.

Billing Policies

  1. For any services billed on a monthly basis, payment is due on the first of the month.  Retainers and social media can be prorated for a partial month; however, that time does not apply towards your six or twelve month minimum.
  2. Any negligent accounts will be turned over to a collections agency and reported to all of the major credit bureaus.
  3. As of 3.01.2012, all payments made through PayPal have an additional fee of $5 per $100.  Ex. $0-99 has a $5 fee, $100-199 has a $10 fee, and so on.
  4. As of 4.01.2012, payment for all packages under $500 are due before any work is completed.
  5. As of 4.01.2012, all packages of $500 or more require a 50 percent downpayment before work begins.  When the project is delivered, the remaining total is due within ten days* of receipt.  Late fees will be assessed on any accounts that have not paid within ten days.

Rush Order Policies

As of 06.25.2012, there will be a 10% rush fee on all projects that must be completed in three to four days and a 25% rush fee on all projects that must be completed in one day, with the exception of large projects, which will be assessed as follows:

  • 10% rush fee on all eBook, book, and novella projects with a 30-day deadline.
  • 25% rush fee on all book and novella editing projects that must be completed within one week.

If you do not specifically request that projects be completed on a rush deadline and we finish your project ahead of schedule, there are no rush fees.

*”Days” is defined as days on the calendar, not working days.