How will outsourcing my work benefit my public relations or marketing agency?


For the busy publicist or marketer, hiring a professional copywriter can be a great way to add a few extra hours to your day or to your week.  Often, this results in happier clients and greater profits.  The more quickly that you are able to distribute their press release, the happier that your clients are; often, when they see the results that you are getting them with the first press release or batch of press releases, they will order more.  This also gives you the additional time that you need to take on more clients.

Social Media

It is beneficial to outsource social media accounts to someone who specializes in social media and has all of the tools in their social media arsenal to supercharge your clients’ accounts.  Too often, learning social media is a skill that has been unwillingly thrust upon publicists and marketers, making it the last thing that you want to do.  If social media is the part of your job that makes you cringe, subcontracting social media accounts to someone who thrives on expressing themselves through hashtags can give you back your sanity and your day, as well as improving the results that your clients are seeing.

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