What is my return on investment?

If we were to give you a specific number, we would be lying to you or guessing. The benefits of a publicity campaign are huge and vary from industry to industry.

As an example, imagine a small vineyard that no one has ever heard of. They have great wine, yet liquor stores, restaurants, and bars do not carry it and they are not frequently visited for tastings.

A piece in the right publication could not only stimulate reader interest, but also the interest of people from across your region or across the country who are buying wine for their business, as well as building name recognition. The press gives the external stamp of approval that a vineyard needs saying “Try this wine. Trust me; it’s worth your time to find it and your money to buy it.”

In the case of social networking sites, we have innovated unique techniques for encouraging a direct translation of social media presence to dollars. We also work hard to build two-way communication between you and your customers, building brand loyalty and trust. How your company is positioned on social sites can have a huge impact on how your brand is perceived.

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