What if I just want to try your social media services for a little bit?

You can purchase a single month at the published rate; however, we must charge you a start-up fee. The start-up fee does not mean that if you have a pre-existing Twitter or Facebook page, we reduce the fee. The start-up has little to do with registering your account on these sites and everything to do with finding you a following, whether that following is a mass following, targeted social media following, or localized social media following.

For a social media strategy to be effective and to build a loyalty in your following and interest in what you have to say through social media platforms, you must be in it for the long-haul, which is why we offer such a significant discount to businesses who purchase a 6-month contract; we know that if you give us the time we need, you’ll be a lifelong customer. To see the results that you want, it takes time.

Posted in: Social Media Marketing (SMM)