How Much Does PR Cost?

Whenever someone asks me, How much does PR cost?, I usually have to ask them if they’re asking how much it costs as an industry average or how much my company charges.  Any time that I go to a networking mixer and introduce myself as being from a PR company, looks of terror cross the faces of anyone who has ever had a PR campaign in the past or has received quotes from PR company, and understandably.

I am writing this blog because, in popular culture, the price of PR has started making its way into the mainstream.  I expect even more terrified looks in the future, and I want people to know that affordable PR does exist.

In Business Insider, Mark Cuban cited prohibitive $10,000+ per month retainers charged by most public relations firms.  On FOX’s new music-industry drama, Empire, mom-ager Cookie hires a publicist for her son, Jamal, and the publicist advises that her services cost $8,000 per month.

These numbers may seem exaggerated, but they are not.  The standard cost of PR services is to $10,000 per month— $7,500 is largely considered to be a pretty good deal—and, in many cases, $12,000 or more is not unheard of.  I’ve heard horror stories of companies that spent $100,000 on a PR campaign and, within a few months, the money had been used and no successful media placements had been made.

For a large company, these prices do actually make sense—well, except for the $100,000 with no results story.  They save money, because they are not paying for all of the expenses that would come with an in-house communications director and don’t have to worry about things like health insurance, 401k, and payroll taxes.  Beyond that, they don’t have to worry about maternity leave and vacation pay when they hire a firm.  Even better, instead of getting one communications director who is expected to be good at everything, a firm is able to provide them with what constitutes a full communications department—imagine how much those costs multiply when you try to start hiring an in-house copywriter, a communications manager when the communications director becomes overloaded, and more.

What about small companies, though?  Leaving budget out of it, there are companies that need media exposure, but don’t have enough need—nor news—to justify hiring one of these firms, even if it is less expensive than a communications director.  There are many startups, entrepreneurs, authors, and small businesses out there who are able to benefit immensely from public relations, but don’t have the ability to hire a firm.

When people come to me, they are often apprehensive, bearing the financial scars of their past expenses and failures.  We find a package that suits the client and their needs and charge a fraction of what other firms do, enabling organizations and individuals who don’t have Mark Cuban’s budget to take advantage of the many rewards that a public relations campaign has to offer.

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