Interview Series: Book Cover Design for Non-Fiction Authors

Kerry Ben-Joseph, the founder of Kerramel Media, took some time to lend At Large PR some tips on designing a non-fiction book cover that is certain to get readers to pick up your book.  In a world in which books are often judged by their cover, make sure it’s fabulous!


  1. What makes a book cover effective?

They say not to judge a book by its cover, but everyone does anyway. A good book cover will help communicate the book’s content very quickly. You want to catch the reader’s attention in five seconds or less. It should be simple, visually engaging, and balanced.

  1. 2.What elements need to be in a good book cover?

The elements to consider for a good book cover are theme, typography, color, and layout. The theme of the book will dictate the typography, color, and layout of the cover, so the theme should be very succinct. For example, if the book were a romance novel, the typography would be very elaborate and scripty, the colors would be feminine and sexy, and the layout would be classic illustrated handsome man and busty gorgeous woman, etc.

  1. Is a photo cover better than one that uses graphics?

Using a photo versus graphics on the cover of a book really depends on the book’s content. Sometimes, a photograph better illustrates the book’s theme better than hand-drawn graphics. Other times, a really great illustration is better than a photograph.

  1. How important is the book cover for sales?

A good book cover is great for sales, because it will help attract your audience better than having a mediocre book cover. You want people to actually read your book, not overlook it because it doesn’t look appealing. It’s all about communicating what your book is about, first and foremost, and, then, attracting people to consider picking it up.




About Kerry Ben-Joseph


Kerry Ben-Joseph is the founder, web designer and visual designer of Kerramel Media. Trained at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Kerry works with clients to provide them with web design, graphic design, and photography services.