Nobilified Goes from Elite Secret to Big Media

Nobilified came to At Large PR with an exciting project: a truly original business concept, backed by celebrity clients. While the business was certainly noteworthy, they did not have any significant past press. Despite having prices that the masses could afford, having a custom portrait painted by Nobilified was almost exclusively reserved for those “in-the-know”. The challenge posed to At Large PR was to take the company from being a secret of the elite to a mainstream go-to for unique presents.

Within an hour of their first press release going out, there were already stories written about them for USA Today and MTV, among others, tripling sales. Soon, they were featured in The New York Post, which brought them more high-profile clients and, following a story on page three of a Sunday issue of The Independent, their U.K. sales immediately jumped.  They have also been featured on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and in Sports Illustrated.

As our work with Nobilified continues, their sales continue to grow, their name recognition has increased, and their presence in the media remains steady.