A Case Study in Developing Politically Active, Localized Followers, Likes, and Impressions for a Senatorial Primary


Political campaigns come with their own unique set of needs.  At Large PR was hired four days before the California primary election to supercharge Dr. Orly Taitz’s campaign, working in conjunction with MVP PR and Marketing of West Palm Beach, Florida to produce maximum results in a narrow window of time.

At Large and MVP faced incredible challenges after being brought on late in the game and having 48 out of the 96 hours that they were given coincide with the weekend, when both the press and the Twitterati were not active.  They also had to quickly develop targeted, localized followers, likes, and impressions, limiting them to the conservative voters of California.

Despite the many challenges, they worked together to drive fantastic results:

–          Over 800 targeted, localized Twitter followers in three and a half days.

–          Media campaign that resulted in over 50 articles.

–          Over 1.6 million impressions on Facebook.

–          Over 274 likes on Facebook.